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Irreplaceable: Self-compassion for BIPOC trans fems


Ages 16-29
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Add to Calendar 2019-04-10 18:00:00 2019-04-10 20:30:00 Irreplaceable: Self-compassion for BIPOC trans fems How many times have you been told to ''just love yourself?'' Or that you can't really love anybody else until you really love yourself? Sometimes, self-compassion and self-love are much easier said than done. In this interactive workshop, we will explore the particular barriers to self-love that young BIPOC* trans feminine people, trans women, trans girls, trans femmes, 2 spirit people, and non-binary AMAB folks** experience in the context of oppression and trauma. We'll use group discussion, writing, and expressive arts activities to go beyond self-affirmations and create practical strategies for practicing self-love. We'll talk about the difference between self-love as a feeling (which is not always available) and self-love as a verb (which can be more realistic). All activities will be based on the principle of consensual participation - you don't have to do or share anything that you don't want to! All participants will be asked to help create a ''safe enough'' space to try new things, get to know each other, and take gentle steps outside our comfort zones. *Black, Indigenous, People of Colour **you don't have to use any particular pronoun or present in particular feminine ways to attend. You just need to identify as transfeminine in some way. This workshop is for Black, Indigenous and transfems** of colour only. Facilitator Bio: Kai Cheng Thom is a writer, performer, lasagna lover and wicked witch based in Toronto, unceded Indigenous territory. She is the author of several books, including the poetry collection a place called No Homeland, the children's book From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea, and the forthcoming essay collection I HOPE WE CHOOSE LOVE: A Trans Girl's Notes From the End of the World. Kai Cheng has been a community worker and facilitator for nearly a decade, with a deep interest in trauma, healing intimacy, and transformative justice. Sherbourne Health Centre QueerEvents America/Toronto public

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Sherbourne Health Centre
333 Sherbourne StToronto
Gender Neutral Yes
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  • Planned Parenthood Toronto
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