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This event is advertised as LGBT2Q+ centric and inclusive and all the good queer things


Ages 19+
  • PWYC
  • Door Cover
  • 10 @ the door
  • PWYC
Add to Calendar 2019-01-14 20:00:00 2019-01-15 00:00:00 BANDS & DRAG! BANDS & DRAG! is dedicated to getting weird bands and drag performers to perform in the same room, cause there are too many people doing cool shit in this city and it's stressful to decide what kind of show you want to go to. What's the deal this month? Psychedelia? Psychomagic? Psychogeography? I don't know, but everyone performing is really good, okay?!? Bands WHIPKISSER - (Why ride or die when you can do both??) THE BRAIN - (Fear and Loathing in Libery Village)   Drag Performers Aura Nova - (Brandishing a chainsaw at the audience, but make it fashion)Prince Johnny -  (Totally wired. Has a very large bong. WILL smoke you)Kurt Cumstain - (You get a corpse! And you get a corpse! Everyone gets a corpse!!)   Conduct policy: Look like trash? Love it! Act like trash? Get thrown out.   PWYC / NOTAFLOFCIKEIBATHBYSCOR (No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds Cause I Know Everyone Is Broke After The Holidays But You Should Come Out Regardless) The Beaver QueerEvents America/Toronto public

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The Beaver
1192 Queen St WToronto
Unknown Unknown
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