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Disco Inferno

Presented by Diet Ghosts

Ages 19+
  • Door Cover
  • 10 @ door
  • 5 @ door when dressed in theme
Add to Calendar 2019-11-22 22:00:00 2019-11-23 02:00:00 Disco Inferno Burn, baby, burn! It's time to answer the age-old question, "Where do we go to disco when we die?" Will we descend into the seven dance-circles of Hell? Will the angels boogie the man away? There's only one way to find out! It's Heaven versus Hell in an eternal war of strutting, bumping, and hustling under the omnipotent gaze of the disco ball. Every devil was once an angel who fell down the stairs or something. I forget. It's been a while since I went to church. Does it smell like something's burning, or is that just the dance floor? DJ Marilyn Mansion [Cameron] will be nestled in the clouds, showering us with heavenly music  and Gogo Jo Vivienne Grey will be our resident succubus, hotter than hellfire. Dress code is 70's heavenly dance floor eleganza and hellish disco fever dreams. Whatever it is, make God, Satan, and Gloria Gaynor proud.   Team Heaven: Lucinda Miu as the cherub who's also baby Kitty Creäture as the sacred Madonna Summer   Team Hell: Aura Nova as the demon skinny dipping in a lake of fire Łady Kunterpunt as a girl who chews with her mouth open   The Beaver The Diet Ghosts America/Toronto public

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The Beaver
1192 Queen St WToronto
Gendered No
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Event organizer(s)

  • The Diet Ghosts
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