• Just Friends

    Gewoon Vrienden

    80 mins 14+ Netherlands
    Language: Dutch Subtitles: English
    Genre: Comedy Romance - Film - Just Friends


    Gewoon Vrienden (Just Friends) is a romantic comedy about two young men, their relationship and their relationship with their mothers. Tough Joris doesn't come loose from his mother who is addicted to plastic surgery. Medical student Yad has snorted too much of various drugs and returns to his strict mother. Yad works as a domestic help for the grandmother of Joris. When they meet, they seem made for each other. But before they can surrender to their love, they first have to balance things with their mothers.

    Director: Annemarie van de Mond
    Cast: Josha Stradowski, Majd Mardo, Jenny Arean
  • Hearts Beat Loud

    107 mins 14+ USA
    Language: English Subtitles: English
    Genre: Comedy Romance - Film Listing - Hearts Beat Loud Poster


    In the hip Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook, single dad and record store owner Frank is preparing to send his hard-working daughter Sam off to college while being forced to close his vintage shop. Hoping to stay connected through their shared musical passions, Frank urges Sam to turn their weekly jam sessions into a father-daughter live act. After their first song becomes an internet breakout, the two embark on a journey of love, growing up and musical discovery.

    Director: Brett Haley
    Cast: Kiersey Clemons, Blythe Danner
  • Wild Nights with Emily

    84 mins 14+ USA
    Language: English Subtitles: English
    Genre: Comedy History - Film Listing - Wild Nights with Emily


    So you think you know Emily Dickinson? Well, Wild Nights with Emily is here to tell you that you don't. Not even a little bit.

    History has painted Emily Dickinson as a sad, reclusive spinster, too sensitive for the world. But Madeleine Olenek (Co-Dependant Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same, The Foxy Merkins), with her signature brand of comedy, sets fire to that old canvas and shows us the real Emily, played to perfection by Molly Shannon. Detailing the author's struggle to have her poetry published and her lifelong romantic relationship with her brother's wife, Susan (Susan Ziegler,) this is absurd comedy with a real agenda.

    Playing out like an extended episode of Drunk History, Wild Nights with Emily unveils a vivacious and talented woman who is full of life but living in a time that doesn't allow her to be seen for all that she is.

    Director: Madeleine Olnek
    Cast: Molly Shannon, Susan Ziegler, Amy Seimetz
  • White Rabbit

    71 mins 18+ USA
    Language: English
    Genre: Comedy Drama - film - White Rabbit


    A dramatic comedy following a Korean-American performance artist who struggles to be authentically heard and seen through her multiple identities in modern Los Angeles.

    White Rabbit stands out as intersectional feminist gold in today’s political climate, where we are encouraged to identify and point out social inequalities.

    Sophia (Vivian Bang) is a struggling Korean-American performance artist whose work, which she describes to her mother as “not art that people can buy,” explores racial tensions in Los Angeles. She posts videos and performs in pop-up shows for no particular audience, while simultaneously juggling her paying job as a TaskRabbit. A series of chance encounters brings Sophia and photographer Victoria (Nana Ghana) together, and the quick arc of their friendship culminates into what Sophia believes could be more.

    Daryl Wein (Breaking Upwards, Lola Versus) invites us to experience what moved him so deeply upon first discovering Bang and her performance art: we are confronted with the harshness of institutional racism and our gut responses to such injustice.

    Director: Daryl Wein
    Cast: Vivian Bang, Nico Evers-Swindell, Nana Ghana & more
  • I Live for Menopause

    5 mins unrated Canada
    Language: English Subtitles: English
    Genre: Comedy Shorts
    Queer Events - Queer Film Listing Poster


    In I Live for Menopause, Dayna McLeod uses her queer, aging, body to confront ageism with humour to imagine a menopausal future that is full of promise. Based on Lady Gaga’s 2013 Applause, Montreal musician Jackie Gallant scores a slamming dance track full of throbbing beats, synth, and underwater majesty.

    Originally staged as a performance, this work has evolved into a video featuring over-50 heroines, a singing bottle of lube, an adventurous pink unicorn, and an animated vagina who has an underwater bathtub solo.

    Director: Dayna McLeod
  • Grace and Betty

    12 mins unrated USA
    Language: English
    Queer Events - Queer Film Listing Poster


    When 23 year old Grace decides to come out of the closet to her grandmother Betty, she discovers something she wasn't expecting.

    Director: Zoe Lubeck
    Cast: Kathleen Alton, Isa Arciniegas, Hanna Dworkin
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