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Trans Inclusive Sex Ed

For individuals & providers

All Ages
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Add to Calendar 2019-04-25 09:00:00 2019-04-25 12:30:00 Trans Inclusive Sex Ed A full day of sessions exploring critical issues in transgender health, wellness, and awareness - focusing on holistic wellness as well as specific needs for transgender individual's sexual and reproductive health. Come for one or all of sessions! All sessions are open to transgender, trans, gender non-conforming, queer, questioning, or other interested LGBT2Q+ individuals as well as service providers who work with, for, and in solidarity with these communities.   Workshops Include My Body, My Way! Break out of those tired boxes your doctors assigned you at birth! There's no right or wrong way for a body to look, or a human to feel - come and celebrate your "Gender Euphoria", brainstorm new ways to refer to your body that feel good, and connect with other trans folks in the community! Doctor, Doctor! Let's face it - a lot of doctors aren't great at the whole "gender" thing. Come and learn some tips and tricks for talking to your doctor, resources for both of you, and where to find a new doctor if it's truly a bad fit. Q&A period with facilitators who work in Trans Healthcare! Trans Parent Reproductive health and justice for trans people has always been a difficult subject - thankfully the landscape has changed a lot in recent years! Come and learn about your options for reproduction and fertility, whether you're planning for children or not. We'll discuss HRT, surgeries, and local queer- and trans-friendly fertility services. Queering Sex Ed Recent changes to the sex ed curriculum have you feeling nervous? Maybe you'd like to finally see a sex ed that takes YOU into account - discussing your body, desires, and how to best keep you and your partners healthy? Well this one's for you - and definitely not your 1998 sex ed! Centre Wellington Community QueerEvents America/Toronto public

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