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Aeolian Pride Choruses London

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Aeolian Pride Choruses London create experiences through choral music that promotes community, diversity, inclusivity and excellence. The choruses are open to all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. With the goal of combating stereotypes and perceptions, we challenge the heteronormative worldview by inspiring our audience, the Pride community and our broader community through advocacy and music. We celebrate victories won, we mourn lives lost, we find unconditional acceptance, and we celebrate all life in harmony, through our songs.

We will celebrate those who came before us and whose activism was hard fought. United through song, our voices will be freely heard as we fight for a nation and world where diversity is met with tolerance, equality and respect.
Aeolian Pride Choruses London envisions a world where the human voice is lifted up through song in celebration of diversity; where music is valued as a powerful gift and seen as a universal tool to achieve and sustain inclusivity; and where united voices are an instrument of change.


Aeolian Pride Choruses London will seek to:

• Continuously improve the artistic and vocal talent of its members.
• Challenge the societal norms or perceptions of its members through understanding of its own diversity.
• Challenge perceptions of the Pride community.
• Combat fear, eliminate hatred, and encourage compassion through the timeless fundamental human connection to music.
• Change or enrich the hearts of those whom we meet.

Services & Activities
  • Rehearsal typically held weekly
  • Concerts held at the Aeolian Hall


Aeolian Pride Choruses London
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