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Black Queer Network

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Black Queer Network (BQN-LDN) is a collective of African, Caribbean and Black LGBTQ+ voices in London Ontario.

The mission of Black Queer Network (BQN-LDN) is to highlight and prioritize the stories and experiences of the Black, African and Caribbean, Queer & Trans community in London Ontario, to work towards dismantling systemic factors that uphold racism in the Queer community and challenging queerphobia in the Black community.

BQN is committed to working in solidarity with members of the Queer Indigenous and People of Colour Communities.


Services & Activities
Food for Queers Community Program

Food for Queers
Stay Safe. Not Hungry

Providing support for 2SLGBTQ+ folks experiencing food insecurities within the city of London

No questions. No contact. Just Support!

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