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PFLAG Hamilton Wentworth

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PFLAG Hamilton Wentworth is a non-religious support group for LGBTQQIA2S+ persons and/or families, friends, & allies. In a safe and respectful environment, participants are invited to engage in completely confidential discussion of issues, problems, and achievements. We seek to build community, to provide support, and to learn from each other about real life situations.

We are open to ALL AGES and ALL ETHNICITIES, particularly aware of difficulties for the young, for those of middle-years who may be joining the community later in life, for seniors, and for newcomers to Canada. We are inclusive. All are welcome.

Services & Activities

Meetings are free. No prior registration is necessary and the desire for anonymity respected.  Please check our facebook page for the latest information about our meetings.

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As scheduled
How to Join Group

No registration required, just drop by our next meeting.

PFLAG Hamilton Wentworth
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Food for Queers Community Program

Food for Queers
Stay Safe. Not Hungry

Providing support for 2SLGBTQ+ folks experiencing food insecurities within the city of London

No questions. No contact. Just Support!

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