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Lesbian Outdoor Group (LOG)

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The Lesbian Outdoor Group (LOG) provides opportunities for LGBT women in the Ottawa-Gatineau region to enjoy the great outdoors and to socialize indoors too! Members organize a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities for the benefit of other members.

In LOG, lesbians get together year-round for hikes in the Gatineau hills, potluck gatherings, snowshoe walks, a yearly picnic and even a warm-the-winter dance.

LOG celebrated its 20th anniversary in November 2015 with a very successful dinner and concert! Cheers to the next 20! The group has sparked many friendships and connections over the years.

All lesbians are welcome to join our activities and meet like-minded women. There may be a small charge for non-members, and in some cases where an activity is held at a member’s home, the activity may be restricted to LOG members. As well, activities with limited registration are available to members only.

Services & Activities

LOG organizes a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities for lesbians. Don’t see one on the calendar that interests you? Then you are invited to organize an activity that you enjoy and give the opportunity for other lesbians in the Ottawa-Gatineau region to join in.

Our regular activities for lesbians include…

  •     Hiking in Gatineau Park and the Ottawa Greenbelt
  •     Snowshoeing
  •     Dining out
  •     Skating on the canal
  •     Pool night
  •     Potluck lunches and suppers
  •     Urban walks along the Ottawa River
  •     Cross country skiing
  •     Movies
  •     Games night
  •     Dances
  •     A book club


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