• The Handyman

    8 mins 18+ USA
    Language: English - film - The Handyman


    A single, gay man schemes creative ways to have a hunky repairman continue to have to come back to his house to fix things, but suddenly the fantasies become more than either of them expected.

    Director: J.C. Calciano
    Cast: Nicholas Downs, Derek Ocampo
  • Bacchus

    5 mins 18+ Denmark
    Language: English Subtitles: English - film - Bacchus


    Alex, a young woman, is increasingly getting tired of adult life. Her daily routine is restricted by norms and expectations of the modern world, and social media have replaced human interaction. One day, she sees Bacchus, a charismatic sensual figure, who lures her into a colorful world, which is a complete opposite of her reality. In this mysterious place, you are free to follow your instincts and explore your deepest desires.

    BACCHUS was made by a team of 3rd year Character Animation & CG Art students at The Animation Workshop/VIA University College in Viborg, Denmark.

    Director: Rikke A. K. Planeta
  • I Live for Menopause

    5 mins unrated Canada
    Language: English Subtitles: English
    Genre: Comedy Shorts
    Queer Events - Queer Film Listing Poster


    In I Live for Menopause, Dayna McLeod uses her queer, aging, body to confront ageism with humour to imagine a menopausal future that is full of promise. Based on Lady Gaga’s 2013 Applause, Montreal musician Jackie Gallant scores a slamming dance track full of throbbing beats, synth, and underwater majesty.

    Originally staged as a performance, this work has evolved into a video featuring over-50 heroines, a singing bottle of lube, an adventurous pink unicorn, and an animated vagina who has an underwater bathtub solo.

    Director: Dayna McLeod
  • Devourable

    12 mins 18+ Australia
    Language: English
    Queer Events - Queer Film Listing Poster


    Real life polyamorous couple JanEva and Calliope are passionate sexual adventurers, always keen to explore new experiences together. In this erotic documentary, they celebrate spring with a romantic romp in a nearby park and a raunchy bit of roleplay involving heels and Dr. Frank n Furter.

    This film documents a authentic, queer sexual relationship shared by two fierce women who connect deeply, who fuck fiercely and who aren’t afraid to ask for want they want.

    Director: Ms. Naughty
  • Grace and Betty

    12 mins unrated USA
    Language: English
    Queer Events - Queer Film Listing Poster


    When 23 year old Grace decides to come out of the closet to her grandmother Betty, she discovers something she wasn't expecting.

    Director: Zoe Lubeck
    Cast: Kathleen Alton, Isa Arciniegas, Hanna Dworkin
  • Life After

    12 mins unrated USA
    Language: English
    Genre: Drama Shorts - Film Listing - Life After Poster


    LIFE AFTER is about Nisha, a single mother and Indian immigrant, who travels to New York City to clear out her daughter Zara's apartment. Out of her element in the big city, Nisha discovers surprising new details about Zara. With help from her best friend and a stranger, Nisha uncovers the truth about her daughter's life.

    Director: Ria Tobaccowala
    Cast: Jagan Badvel, Purva Bedi, Allison Byrnes
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