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LGBTQ2S+ on Campus Survey

LGBTQ2S+ Campus Climate at Ontario Universities

This research project aims to promote the acceptance, wellbeing, and academic development of LGBTQ2S+ university students throughout Ontario. We will do this by exploring students’ experiences on campus and use the results to shape policies, programs, and services tailored to their needs. Project Impact is the first large-scale study of its kind in Canada and will inform policy and program development on

Regional HIV/AIDS Connection

Free Counselling Package for Gay/Bi/Queer/Trans Men

Get 4-6 FREE one-on-one counselling sessions for gay/bi/queer/trans men focused on helping guys explore their own sexual health goals. Participants will receive 30$ for every survey completed throughout the program. For more information contact Kody kcarlson@hivaidsconnection.ca.

Support PFLAG

PFLAG does more than you may realize!

Monthly support meetings are what PFLAG is known best for proving but what you may not know is our local London PFLAG also aids youth and families in several ways, from transportation to clothing assistance.

In order to do this, PFLAG counts on the support of the local community from financial contributions to volunteers & item donations.

Supporting PFLAG is a great way to support the LGBT2Q+ community.

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Board of Director Position

Become a Board Member

Regional HIV/AIDS Connection is looking for Board Members! This is a great experience for those interested in Non-Profit leadership! Regional HIV/AIDS Connection (RHAC) is an organization which provides practical support, counselling and programming to diverse populations of people living with and affected by issues relating to HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C.