Queer History & Culture Articles

  • Tipping Points: A History of Racism

    Part 1

    In 2020, North America' attention was focused on the issue of racism, and that conversation carried into the Queer community with varying degrees of success. But what do you know about the ongoing racism within our community? Here is just a couple of some of the many, many incidents that our queer community has been part of.

  • History of Two-Spirit

    The concept of Two Spirit has existed since time immemorial, but the term itself only came into use in 1990. How much do you know about the history of the term?
  • Eating Fire: A History of the Dyke March

    An indomitable legacy is carried on to this day by Dyke Marches across the world, one that pushes back against centuries of erasure, oppression, and systematic cruelty.
  • The Tipping Point

    Four Key Protests in Canadian LGBT2Q+ History
    In the long history of Canada’s LGBT2Q+ community, there are a few events that stand out as notable moments that sparked a turning point in our history.
  • Trans Day of Remembrance: A History

    TDOR grew out of a Boston based campaign to remember and politicize the murder of Rita Hester, a Black transgender woman
  • History of May 17th (IDAHOTB)

    International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia
    With hundreds of events registered across the world, May 17th, IDAHOTB has become an essential moment in the global advocacy for sexual and gender minorities. But how much do you know about the date and the history behind it?
  • Colour Codes: Flagging in the Queer Community

    Before Grindr the queers wore their preferences on their sleeves (and back pockets)
  • History of the Pride Flag

    The Pride Flag is one of the most well known LGBT2Q+ symbols of our community, the flag signifies safe spaces, defiance, hope, survival to queers around the world.

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