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Why Queer Prom for Youth is Important


Because youth deserve to feel a sense of belonging & acceptance…

LGBT2Q youth everywhere face particularly challenging obstacles in life, so the goal of Queer Prom is to provide the opportunity for queer youth to experience the feeling of COMMUNITY & ACCEPTANCE

All LGBT2Q+ youth & their allies deserve the experience of...

  • Acceptance for who they are as individuals and as queer youth community.
  • Knowing the larger LGBT2Q+ community recognizes and supports them.
  • A positive space that celebrates who they are as individuals, while providing the opportunity to interact with a larger LGBT2Q+ youth community.


Because No Youth Shall Be Left Behind...

Queer Events aims to ensure as many youth as possible, have the opportunity to participate and experience a prom which is why accessibility is our primary focus.

How Queer Prom strives to provide an Accessibility

  • Prom is being held at London Children's Museum, a venue that is safe, youth appropriate and parent/guardian approved.
  • Our chosen theme for Prom, Come As You Are, was selected to ensure everyone’s style and wardrobe options are accommodated.
  • We’ll have a gender neutral bathroom and the venue is wheelchair friendly.
  • Prom is FREE for everyone! The entire event including live entertainment, snacks, beverages and dance party is absolutely free for all to attend.
  • Reach across interest, school boards & social/support groups and more to bring as many youth together as possible.


Because All Teens Deserve A Little Fun…

For LGBT2Q+ Youth, it can be challenging to find fun and exciting things to do that are both inclusive and safe.

Queer Prom is a Night of Fun for Everyone!

  • Provide a positive experience to share with other youth in our community.
  • Enjoy live performances by local Queer Artists & Performers.
  • Dance Party featuring a Live DJ.
  • Even the venue, London Children's Museum, provides a fun and unique setting for a Prom. How many people get to go to prom with dinosaurs and whales?!