Heroes of Englandom

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348 pages 14+ USA
ISBN: 9783952504727
Author: Erik Jacobs
Language: English
Publisher: Erik Jacobs
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Nineteen-year-old Derin Dark becomes Officer of Englandom, the totalitarian state on the island formerly known as Great Britain, where society is segregated according to the degree of loyalty to the fatherland. Derin, his parents, and his siblings ascend to a higher caste. Their future will be safe at last.

But a spectacular rebel attack disrupts his life most unjustly and cruelly: his brother is accused of being a traitor to the nation. Derin and his entire family will be tried in a grotesque TV show, in which a horrifying death inside the regime’s sadistic torture machines seems inevitable.

Just as the nightmare consumes him, Derin falls madly in love with Dylan Blake, a tech-savvy insurgent boy. With Dylan at his side, Derin must try to rescue his family from the vengeful claws of a powerful enemy who is obsessed with him, but his only real chance is to become a hero of the rebellion.

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Erik Jacobs

Erik Jacobs wrote Heroes of Englandom—the first book in a trilogy—eager to introduce a young gay protagonist as the hero of a YA-dystopian novel.

After a successful career in design, finance, and e-commerce, Erik rediscovered that his true passion is writing stories that entertain and even motivate readers—through their characters, with their virtues and flaws—to have a more positive view of the world and their own mission in life.

Erik feels at home in different countries, but he spends most of his time very close to the Pacific Ocean.

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