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As one of the most selected terms on the Queer Events site we have created this quick overview page featuring Trans events and Trans community resources.

What do we mean by 'Trans'?

Common definition - Transgender is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity differs from what is typically associated with the sex they were assigned at birth. It is sometimes abbreviated to trans.


Where to Find Similar Events

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Wondering about Trans? Get to know the basics about our community with QE's TRANS 101

Trans Friendly Community Resources

Gender Intersect
Gender Intersect is a local social support group for trans, non-binary and gender diverse folks in Guelph and Wellington county.  
Guelph Queer Equality
Guelph Queer Equality is a special status group for queer and trans students on campus currently located on the second floor of the UC room 243. Guelph Queer Equality provides a safe space and…
Hamilton Gay Men’s Coffee Group
A social group dedicating to gay, bi and trans men. This group started in 2012 and has kept going. This is a casual social group, just drop by and check us out. Feel free to bring a friend too.  
Hamilton Transgender Community
Hamilton Transgender Community provides connections to confidential information, advocacy, resources and support meetings to assist transgendered and gender non-conforming folks and their allies.
HIV/AIDS Resources and Community Health (ARCH)
ARCH Mission We provide anti-oppressive, sex-positive, inclusive care, treatment and prevention services in the area of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted blood-borne infections through…
London Intercommunity Health Centre
The London InterCommunity Health Centre has served the community for more than 25 years. Since 1989 we have been proudly located at 659 Dundas Street in the heart of the Old East Village. In 2006 we…

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Upcoming Events

Queer Book Club

London Public Library - Central Branch

Gender Outlaws

The Comedy Bar

Rainbow Lounge

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Open Closet

Regional HIV/AIDS Connection

Flamingo Market

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre


Spectrum Community Space

Queens of the Forest City

Wolf Performance Hall

Pride Parade and Festival

Lamoureux Park

Comic Sans

Staircase Cafe Theatre

Support the Trans Community

QueerEvents.ca - Trans Rights

The Struggles of Equal Rights & Acceptance

Our trans community continues to face a constant challenge in attaining equal rights. However, despite the challenges and setbacks the trans community continues to stand up for our rights and take on these challenges.


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