• Devourable

    12 mins 18+ Australia
    Language: English
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    Real life polyamorous couple JanEva and Calliope are passionate sexual adventurers, always keen to explore new experiences together. In this erotic documentary, they celebrate spring with a romantic romp in a nearby park and a raunchy bit of roleplay involving heels and Dr. Frank n Furter.

    This film documents a authentic, queer sexual relationship shared by two fierce women who connect deeply, who fuck fiercely and who aren’t afraid to ask for want they want.

    Director: Ms. Naughty
  • Grace and Betty

    12 mins unrated USA
    Language: English
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    When 23 year old Grace decides to come out of the closet to her grandmother Betty, she discovers something she wasn't expecting.

    Director: Zoe Lubeck
    Cast: Kathleen Alton, Isa Arciniegas, Hanna Dworkin
  • Forget-Me-Not

    7 mins unrated Spain
    Language: Spanish Subtitles: English
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    Irene and Luisa, two 70-year-old women go to a cemetery to visit their deceased relatives. A series of coincidences will cause their paths to cross.

    Director: Ferran Navarro-Beltrán
    Cast: Luisa Gavasa, Gloria Muñoz
  • A Great Ride

    33 mins USA
    Language: English
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    "A Great Ride” is a documentary about older lesbians aging with dynamism and zest for life. When they were young these women forged a social movement to come out as true to themselves. Now they are pioneers once again as they face the next daunting challenge: growing old, which can come with frailty, loneliness, and the death of dear friends. In this group portrait, these women are courageous role models for aging, which they do with determination, engagement, an independent and irreverent spirit and a heartening delight in living.

    Director: Deborah Craig
  • The Pick Up

    10 mins unrated USA
    Language: English
    Genre: Drama Shorts
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    Every road can be a detour if you let it.
    Melanie (Kayla Fuentes), a teen resentful of her divorcing parents and craving independence doesn’t like surprises. When Mom (Ashna Sharan) picks her up from swim practice and their trip gets derailed by a flat tire and a stranger, Melanie finds herself choosing a new road.

    Director: Giovanna Chesler
    Cast: Zoe Elizabeth, Kayla Fuentes, Sydni Gift
  • To a More Perfect Union

    66 mins USA
    Language: English Subtitles: English
    Genre: Documentary
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    To A More Perfect Union: U.S. v Windsor is a feature-length documentary that tells a story of love, marriage and a fight for equality. The film chronicles unlikely heroes -- octogenarian Edie Windsor and her attorney, Roberta Kaplan, on their quest for justice: Edie had been forced to pay a huge estate tax bill upon the death of her spouse because the federal government denied federal benefits to same-sex couples – and Edie’s spouse was a woman. Deeply offended by this lack of recognition of her more than forty-year relationship with the love of her life, Edie decided to sue the United States government – and won. Windsor and Kaplan’s legal and personal journeys are told in their own words, and through interviews with others of the legal team, movement activists, legal analysts, well-known supporters and opponents. Beyond the story of this pivotal case in the marriage equality movement and the stories behind it, the film also tells the story of our journey as a people, as a culture, and as citizens with equal rights.

    Director: Donna Zaccaro
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