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Two Spirit and Queer Indigenous

What do we mean by Two-Spirit?

The term Two-Spirit comes from 'Niizh Manidoog' in Anishinaabemowin (the Ojibwe language). It is an umbrella term that unites diverse and distinct gender roles and responsibilities that are culturally embedded by most Indigenous Nations on Turtle Island (North America).

Nation specific two-spirit roles include Ayahkwew (Nehiyaw), Winkte (Lakota), Agokwa and Okitchidakwe (Anishinaabe), Muxe (Zapotec), Nadleehi (Navajo), and Hemaneh (Cheyenne).

For some Indigenous peoples, Two-Spirit describes a spiritual identity, having masculine and feminine characteristics, and/or a specific role within traditional societies, as mediators, keepers of certain ceremonies, or middle gender(s).

The use of these terms by people who are not Indigenous is considered cultural appropriation.


At^lohsa Native Family Violence Services
Provides confidential support and counseling for First Nations women, men, and children who are living with violence.
Deshkan Ziibiing Niizh Manidoog
Deshkan Ziibiing Niizh Manidoog (Antler River Two Spirits) is a group for Two Spirit people, their families, friends and allies in Antler River.
House of Anansi
A Queer Indigenous and Queer People of Colour group. House of Anansi acts to create and promote events and spaces by the Queer Indigenous and Queer People of Colour community that enable us to come…
Six Nations Pride
Promoting Six Nations Pride! Sharing information, events and resources that build Two Spirit, LGBTQ community.
The Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN)
The Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN) is an organization by and for Indigenous youth that works across issues of sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice throughout the United…
Two-Spirit Group of Windsor
Two Spirit Group of Windsor is a group for Two Spirit people, their families, friends and allies. Our group is rooted in First Nations Traditional Teachings and follows the ideology of all people…

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